Personal Styling

Total Look Image Consulting

This is half-day session where you can get aware of your personal chromatic and morpho chacteristics and how to choose dressing options head-to-toe that flatter and camouflage, for an ever winning look.
This session includes base make-up and hairstyle advice , color analysis, silhouette strategies and general guidelines for your wardrobe.

Personal Styling & Fashion

Clothes, fabrics, shapes, combinations, details, colors, accessories , make up and hairstyle: they all talk about your personality and style. It is important to understand how to make these elements work together to reach the unique Style you want to embody. Within a range of 8 style profiles we can select the most fitting solution for your lifestyle and needs, and therefore select from your wardrobe and from the current fashion offer what you need for this purpose. You will be confident and uptodate, with a touch of Italian Style!

Wardarobe Planning

Most women use only 30% of their wardrobe, and although they keep buying clothes, they often ‘have nothing to wear!’ Why that? Because they do not know exactly what they own and how to combine items to look good and effortlessly every day. This is a sad ratio: high spending and low satisfaction.
The Wardrobe Planning session takes place in your closet to create multiple outfits focusing on those garments and accessories that do look good on you and are good for your Style. We take a picture of each single look and keep a shopping list for those items that you need, so you can easily complete the new outfits.
At the end of the session your have a picture memory on how your clothes/accessories can be matched for multiple options, and a shopping list ready. So when you want to pamper yourself with some shopping, your buys will be no-money and no-time wasting.


This session is focused on how to choose and use accessories to compliment your face, silhouette and style. You will learn what accessories you should use for different puposes, from daywear to holidays, business and special occasions.
The unique combination of materials, colors, shape, size and details makes each accessory ideal for a specific use.
Bijoux, jewelry, belts, shoes, bags, scarves, thights, eyeglasses are your best allies: accessories can be far more important than clothes, especially if you want to easily change style and look and feel confident in every occasion.

Personal Shopping

Your personal shopping in Milan, based on your needs, personal style and budget. The shopping list and shops to visit are pre-discussed with you. Whether in the high-end fashion districts or in mid-price retails, we will maximize your shopping experience.

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