Business Image

For the Individual

Business Image Services are addressed to both men and women, as image counts in Business! Clothing, grooming, gesture and business etiquette: they all speak about ourselves and influence others’ perception towards our capabilities and credibility. This happens every day and in any occasion, we like it or not.
It is important to know how to choose garments, lines, colors, details , hairstyle and make up in order to effectively communicate according to different business situations and audience.
What is most suitable for a team work may not be suitable for a high-level meeting, what could be the best option for a business lunch may not be appropriate for a large audience presentation.
Casual of Formal? Traditional business or Creative business? Are you a junior or a senior? What is your role? Are you working independently or for a company? If so, are you representing your company’s values through your image ? Maybe you just don’t know.
The Business Image session wil help you set your working environment and role, the types of activities in which you are involved and select dressing option to make you look polished, professional, trustworthy in every business occasion.

For Companies, Hotels, Fashion Retailers

Companies, Hotels and retailers communicate their values through their employees, especially from those that have a direct relationship with customers and potential customers, such as front-desk, assistants, sales, managers.
Employees are the most valuable asset in a Company and a powerful – yet underestimated – advertising tool. Therefore taking care of their image and go for a fine tuning on how they look and present themselves to better represent the Company is a worthwhile investment.
Groups trainings or individual sessions can be provided according to specific needs.

Universities and Professional Academies

For those students just about to enter the workplace or facing their first job interviews, Lookbeautiful presents workshops within Academies and Universities.
The aim is to share with them the principles of Psychology of Image and understand why dressing for the job is so important. They will learn how to dress for interviews and behave so to project confidence , feel at their ease with what their wear, and inspire trust.

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