What is an Image Consultant?

Today an image consultant is called by different names. If a person’s image needs to be improved, the consultant will recommend what clothes to wear, what to buy, what hairstyle or make up should be adopted, and she is referred to as a personal stylist. In the show business he or she could be referred to as a fashion stylist, wardrobe or makeover consultant. Politicians as well hire image counselors, to better appear to their audience. A lot of companies use image consultants to make sure their staff have a good image with the public and powerful non verbal communication.
The image consultant is someone specialized in visual impact and work for the best perception of the public towards a single individual or company.

Why should I get an Image Consultant?

(Personal Consultancy)
>> Do you wish you could do better at work, at home and in your love life?
>> Do you have fashion concern and want to learn to dress and look better every day?
>> Are you worried about finding a new job or making a good impression at job interviews?
>> Are you a woman trying to boost her career with no success?
>> Do you have low self-esteem or poor communication skills and need some help?
>> Are you overweight and think there’s nothing you can do to look good and feel good?
>> Has your marriage broken up and you want to be a ‘new’ person?
>> Have you recently suffered at work and people perceive you as a looser while you are not?
>> Are you a “stay-at-home” mom that needs to “refresh” her look?
>> Are you always struggling with your wardrobe and closets without finding the right clothes for you?

If you answered ‘yes’ to one of these questions, you probably need an image consultant to turn things around. It is important for the consultant to do her job, that you are open to explain your situation and objectives. The consultant will then be able to suggest you the best consulting program according to your needs and budget.

How can an Image Consultant be helpful for my organisation? (Corporate Services)
>> Do your employees congruently represent your company’s image and brand?
>> Do your clients feel comfortable in their interactions with your employees?
>> Do your employees interact well with their peers and colleagues?
>> Do your employees display a positive attitude and manners?
>> Is your managers’ image powerful and trustworthy?
>> Does your organisation’s image reflect responsible service?

If you answered ‘no’ to any of the questions, an Image Consultant can help.

Why do I need to know about business etiquette?

You are more likely to be accepted, promoted and treated as a valued member of the team if you conduct yourself in a way that people expect. Behaving in this way also shows that you have consideration and respect for others, qualities highly rated by employers.
How long can image consulting service last?

The image consultant can provide a range of solutions, from one-shot sessions to structured programmes. Whatever the number of programmed meetings with a person, he or she will always have complete information and ready-to-use information material to be able to manage his or her personal improvement. Possible follow-up meetings can be arranged according to each case, based on the customer’s needs.

What is the personal branding?

Having a brand means having a personal style that’s distinctly your own. It is important to have a personal brand, especially in business, because things that you wear because things that you wear, tell other people what makes you different from the crowd. So when you brand yourself, you need to take into consideration the image that you want to portray, and remember that branding doesn’t mean having expensive clothes and designer products!

Does color analysis limit the number of colours I can wear?

It may happen that the color analys ends up by showing you that there are a some colors that you love but that are technically not working for you…While this may appear limiting to you, think that wearing the wrong colors that downplay your appearance may be more limiting. Actually, you can wear nearly every colour but you simply need to stay with the right shades of each color. You may find you cannot wear a bright green next to your face while a muted shade of green better compliments your appearance. So color analysis may open your mind and let you discover and appreciate new colours that you never thought of wearing before. It’s a matter of being aware of what color combinations are good for you and what are not, and the consultant will help you to find this out.

Will I have to spend a lot of money buying new clothes after going to an image consultant?

No, the image consultant will show you how to save articles that are in the wrong color or wrong style with some tricks. Most importantly, you’ll never throw away money again on clothes that are not suited for you. You will actually save money by going to an image consultant.
If I don’t like the new look the image consultant advises what can I do?
A professional image consultant will always respect a person’s taste and lifestyle needs. Part of the style consultation involves an analysis of your personal style preference, the look you feel most comfortable in and that reflects your personality. This is the starting point to define whether your style and silouhette can be improved and how, so you will become more confident with your style and will be able to dress in a way that reflects the real you.
Whatever you personal style prefence, you will be also shown how to dress for the various requirements in your life.

Is it expensive to have an image consultancy?

An image consultant charges in accordance with her level of training and experience, and city where she works. Think that for the same price of a wrong buy cardigan left in a drawer you can have a full service consultancy that enables you to go for the right choices from head to toe. This, again, is in fact saving money and giving value to your unattended wardrobe! Also, if you are on the business, you’ll find out that makeover sessions re-create a powerful professional look, that enables better business results or even better jobs. Going to an image consultant doesn’t cost, it pays!

Is personal shopping service paid on commission?

No. The personal shopper works to meet the customer’s needs and budget, so she’s paid on a hourly fee. Working on commission means putting pressure to clients into buying the higher priced items rather than the ones that are truly right for them, and this does not account for a customer-driven service. Therefore shopping tours will take place in those areas and shops meeting the customers’budget (from the top fashion streets to new upper street stores, from the more typical districts in Milano to the factory outlets out of town). In some particular cases, forfaiting fees are also offered.

Where do the image consultancy activities take place?

Depending on the service and the type of customer, Lookbeautiful can arrange private sessions to the client’s house rather than at its own location. With corporate customers, the consultant holds group workshops and individual meetings at the customer’s premises. When doing personal shopping for luxury hotel customers, the consultant will meet the customer in the hotel lounge or in their room if a makeover session is included.
If I have a limited budget, do I need to spend a lot of money to look better?
Image Consultancy can be effective with all sorts of budgets. If you clearly state your budget and needs, the consultant will do her best to help you set out the most important improvements you need and steps so you can see immediate results without worrying!

What if I don’t like flashy clothing?

The shopper service isn’t about dressing you up in flashy attire, instead is about helping you dress in a way that matches your personality, and projects the image you want people to see. This service will enable you to understand the keys of your image and be able to manage each step of your future improvement without fully depending on the consultant.
How long will it take before my personal image starts to improve?
Some important visual changes are immediate. Internal changes, such as confidence, assertiveness, communication and influence skills, may take a little longer and depend upon the individual.

What if I don’t like colors?

I’m not interested in knowing my personal color palette since I always wear black!
Even though you may wear black most of the time, you will be shown how to wear it in the most flattering way. Less than 30% of people wearing total black look really great in it. You will be shown which colour accent you should use to downplay black and look younger, and other fantastic dark alternatives to black.